We at  Boardtrack Racer produce accurate reproduction parts for antique racers. Primarily for the 2 cylinder racers however, sometimes the twin lower end was used for a single racer. These racers are of the Milwaukee heritage as well as the Springfield models.  Our specialty is in the 8 valve models.   They are very exotic and interesting .

    We produce reproduction Short coupled loop frames for Milwaukee models from the 1915 Loop frame to include the famous Keystone frame from 1919.  With the frame you may order a Merkel style front end and racing bars for either the Merkel or the HD front end. We will try to add other makes to our line of frames and assorted parts.  Early X frames are in the pipeline.

    The parts we reproduce were often abused during racing and need repairs to the point that they are really not useable. We also produce a dropped loop frame that can be used for the 8 valve racer.

    Our goal is to produce parts for the antique motorcycle racer enthusiast up to and including a complete functional replica of the 8 valve racers from the teens through the 20s. All of these parts are reproduction and NOT original. However, they are accurate copies of originals.

    Please come on in and enjoy the pictures from the past.